10 Spot to Replace the Storm Windows

Each fall, and for several years after, my grandfather either could not — or simply cared not to — I would carry from the behind the heater in the basement these heavy wooden storm windows and replace the heavy wooden screen versions. (run on sentence, but). 

I’m pretty sure my grandfather made them and each was marked (Weezies’ back window, or Ricky’s bedroom) Never saw anything for Fred or Joe. Not sure where they slept. In the spring reverse the process. 

I actually looked forward to this. Why? Because AR paid me like $10 cash and I’d live off that for weeks or more. Back on the bike and home we go flush with a ten spot.

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You know that is NOT the house on Estaugh Ave. We just randomly selecting 1940 style homes ? See if UJ or anyone else has the real deal

That is a house on Estaugh Ave in Berlin, NJ, about two blocks from the United Methodist Church. I took my best guess from memory. If you have a picture to share, do please upload one. Or snap a Pic from Google Street View, like I did.

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