Day Trip to the Big Apple

I don’t know how many of my cousins remember, but Aunt Ricky was the one who took us to the Big Apple for a day trip. Not all at once, but I believe it was a special birthday gift. I know for me it was my first train ride and still love riding them.

I got to go atop the Empire State Building and see the Rockettes in Radio City Music Hall. The movie we saw was “Jumbo” with Jimmy Durante.

It was the perfect movie for that HUGE screen and being a musical the sound was wonderful. I can still remember how the film really came to life for me, and yes I still enjoy the Rockettes.

Chestnut St in Philadelphia

There weren’t any McDonalds back then, but she introduced me to Horn and Hardarts. It was a great day over 60 years ago and one of my view vivid memories of my childhood.

Thanks again, Aunt Rick!

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