Ricky’s Moon or Joey’s Moon

AR took me to Chicago. I’m sure it was free, and I’m sure I was quite young as I only vaguely remember the train and naming the state capitals to my rather impressed AR. I remember not a thing in Chicago and wonder still if we didn’t just ride out and back! 

What I was told a large number of times for years all the way from perhaps 1970 to 1995 was this:

We were on the train at night looking up at the moon. AR apparently told me it was her moon and I’m told I replied it was mine. I’m told she begged to differ. At which point I apparently said,

“It’s OK, I have one at home.”

For roughly that 25 year period, I was asked if I remembered this.  I did not and still have no recollection. But I guess I was cute!

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